About Us

About Us

Philosophy: We aim to bring Charleston true New York City pizza, just like you would find in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Charleston deserves to have real, authentic New York City pizza EXACTLY the way its done in big apple boroughs, not pizzerias that attempt to mimic NYC ¨Style¨. The way that we intend to do this is by using superior products, as close to the ones we used to use in New York City. We will also be using the same exact recipes from the pizzeria in the Bronx that thrived since the 1950´s due to amazing food and expert know-how. When it comes to customer service we do not want most of the customers to be happy, we want every single customer to be fully satisfied with their eating experience. We aim to show the good people in the Low-country that after seven hospitable years of residing in Charleston, a New Yorker can learn manners and good customer service.

History: Pizza making in New York City is an artful trade, something that you have to apprentice a few years under an expert before you can know how to do it right. It is a very special thing to be a part of, sort of like an exclusive, dough spinning fraternity.

When I was a boy, growing up in the East Bronx, just a few doors down from the best Pizzeria known to man, I would smell the succulent aroma of calzones frying in the morning. Some years later I began working in that same pizzeria because I wanted to learn how to make what I had been smelling for all those years. I found out that this pizzeria had been around so long that my mother used to make pizza boxes for them when she was a little girl. Much to my surprise it took me two years of working there before they ever allowed me to touch the dough, let alone make a pizza

When I finally knew what I was doing, I did it so well that the owners allowed me to run the place by myself. I was the first person to be allowed this honor – to run the pizza place with no ownership around – since the beginning of time. When other pizzerias found out how well I made pies, they wanted to recruit me, but my bosses would hear none of it. This worked out to my advantage and finally gave me the leverage I needed to ask for a raise. The first time I asked for a raise things didnt go so well for me, my bosses took me to a flight of stairs and told me to go up them. Once I was at the top they told me there was my raise. Funny guys. However, I do owe them for teaching me what I know now about making amazing pizza.

The reason I left NYC and ended up in Charleston had to do with the excellent judges of character at the College of Charleston that accepted me and allowed me to finish my degree in their Bachelor of Science program. Afterward, I began teaching, first at Stall High School and then at Burns Elementary School, both in North Charleston. I worked with children of all ages that suffered from behavioral disorders. Although I had many non-pizza related jobs, I knew that my best asset is my pizza-creating-know-how. Charleston has been very good to me, and it is now time to give back with the thing that I know how to do best. Many people that I have had the pleasure to speak with about pizza have told me that they dream of a true NY pizzeria here in Charleston, please visit Sabatino´s and tell me if the dream has come true for you.